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无限娱乐平台 Zhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd.
Fl.3,Building ?A ?Kechuangyuan,? 398 ?Mahuan? Road,? Binhaixincheng,
?Shaoxing,? Zhejiang ?312366,? P.R.China

Tel: 0086-575-85211979

ZMC, one more trademark appraised as Zhejiang Famous Trademark held by Zhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd


Approved by Zhejiang Provincial Administration for Industry & Commerce, ZMC held by our company is appraised as Zhejiang Famous Trademark, and it’s used on the fifth types of goods (tablets,capsules, APIs inclued). Besides ZMC, so far we have acquired provincial famous trademarks such as Zhong, Laiyi, Lailixin.